Community Service Based Learning Reflection

This year I have greatly expanded my volunteer outreach. One main aspect has been my experience as a ringette coach in the U10 division. I have spent many hours on tournaments, in practice on ice, and on the bench coaching these girls. Events occurred roughly twice a week at least and required an hour for the ice time itself, forty-five minutes before to assist in getting equipment on, as well as generally twenty minutes after for game debrief and assistance in undressing equipment. Tournaments required more time, of course, as I was stationed with the team for a weekend at a time. All of the hours I have spent in this role was so rewarding and joyful. I genuinely had a blast and look forward to future years as a coach.

I also just recently wrapped up my term as a GirlSpace Facilitator, where I instruct uplifting and positive sessions to a small group of girls in grades six to eight. This has been a terrific experience as well, as I have heard thoughtful stories and experiences from these girls and have been able to reflect on my own times as a middle years student. I would love to facilitate another eight week term in future years.

Roles that were still essential but were not as frequent include volunteering for ringette and volleyball tournaments as a scorekeeper or raffle sales woman, completing hours at the Salvation Army, and assisting in the building of a new home for a deserving, local family with the Rebuilding Dreams Project.