Ecoliteracy Love Letter

Dear the Person I Aspire to Be,

I love the way you laugh, the way you let go, the way you realize this place is far bigger than you and me. The way you’ve accepted your natural hair, natural face, natural lawn, your naturalness.

But what does it mean to be natural anyway? For you, it’s your ability to strip the synthetics, the man-made, the negative and realize that all you need surrounds you. It’s gratitude; for the birds that sing each morning, the sun that kisses your skin, the plants you eat, the ability you have to experience such a wonderful place with senses that are able. Sometimes, it’s the bad. It’s the disaster, the entropy, the fire that burns inside. But all this too has a purpose. Power within, strength to conquer, resilience, and the opportunity for succession. Finally, it’s the connection. It’s the symbiosis. It’s the community I form with not just my own kind, but the many others that inhabit this planet Earth. It’s reciprocity.

A natural being is one that cares, one that is aware, one that is adaptable. Most importantly, one that is kind. One that disrupts only for benefit. One that realizes that the greatest opportunities stem from this space we share. Life stems from this space. What did we do to deserve this space? It is time we start giving back, appreciating this place for all it does for us while asking for nothing in return, flowing like the rivers and being as open as the sky. It is time I change this letter’s address from the person I aspire to be, to my future self instead.

With love always,



3 thoughts on “Ecoliteracy Love Letter

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