CJ2 – Powerful Acts of Reciprocity with the Land

Creative Journal Two:


A recent grocery repeint indicates I may not be doing my best to help reduce my waste and carbon footprint on this planet. Highlighted are all the items which generate some form of non-compostable waste, whether it be a plastic wrapping or contents inside of a can. Circled in red are all the items that not only produce non-compostable waste, but also non-recyclable waste. Most of these items were wrapped in a thin plastic or wrapper that is not easily recycled at local facilities, or not recyclable at all. Even fruits and vegetables fell victim to this unnecessary packaging.

“Maple Nation” reminded me that there is much more to this life I live than the people I interact with. My choices directly effect the environment which I reside in. The phrase on the top of the receipt “You’re at home here” could allude to the fresh produce, meat, and diary which is often local, but I do not wish to live in a home filled with plastic waste. I want to start making choices that my environment would be proud of, ones that would make the birds sing louder and the trees stand taller. This is my ecological pledge, my leap for action: to live sustainably. I will act on this pledge by reducing my waste and being more considerate in my purchases. This could include taking advantages of farmers markets or choosing food that is not going to generate non-compostable waste when possible. While I already use my own reusable grocery bags, I could begin to support businesses that do not excessively wrap fresh food in plastic for ‘sterility’. I feel that if I begin with what I consume most of, food, others will follow. This could include but is not limited to my toiletries and clothing purchases. For now, I will commit to this change of reducing my waste even before consumption.


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